Microsoft permanently bans cryptocurrency mining on its servers | network location

In a recent update to the Azure Terms of Service, Microsoft announced that cryptocurrency mining using its cloud services is now prohibited. Redmond asserts that this practice presents significant risks, both for its own infrastructure, which finds itself vulnerable, and for users who are exposed to numerous frauds.

Recently, cloud platforms seem to be waging a merciless war against cryptocurrencies. The following platforms: Google Cloud, OVHCloud, Amazon Web Services, and Oracle have all decided to ban mining on their services. So it was only a matter of time before Microsoft imitated its competitors. Last Wednesday, Redmond updated its Azure Terms of Use. The goal, you guessed it, is to ban cryptocurrencies from their servers.

Since last Wednesday, according to the new regulations in place “Cryptocurrency mining is prohibited without prior approval from Microsoft.”. From now on, it will be necessary to obtain written consent from the company in order to be able to continue mining activities. Suffice it to say, we don’t really expect this agreement to be distributed right away, as Microsoft insists on the risks of this practice.

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Microsoft no longer wants cryptocurrency on Azure services

In an interview with The Register media, Microsoft claims that cryptocurrency mining can “Causing disruption or even harming online services and their users.” Even worse, according to the company, “These attacks are often associated with cyber fraud and abuse attacks, such as unauthorized access and use of customer resources. »

It is difficult to prove him wrong on this last point, as cryptocurrency scams have exploded in recent years. So it’s not surprising that Microsoft also seeks to protect itself from potential exclusions from unlucky users who have fallen into the trap. However, the company further explains that mining It can be considered for testing and research on security detections. »

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