Microsoft is investigating the targeting of cryptocurrency companies

Digital currencies

Today, Wednesday, news reports said that Microsoft’s security department had conducted an investigation into an attack targeting investment companies in Microsoft Digital currencies During the last period, one of the threats was tracked by the name of DEV-013, which managed to infiltrate some groups on the famous Telegram application to disguise themselves as representatives of a digital currency investment company, and they were pretending to discuss trading fees with VIP clients in major exchanges.

The reports indicated that the hackers had strong knowledge of this issue, which made it easier for the fraudsters to gain the trust of their victim, as they aimed to trick encrypted investment funds into downloading a Microsoft Excel file, and this file provides accurate information regarding the fee structure of major digital currency exchanges, and it is also It contains a malicious macro that executes a new Excel file in invisible mode, and this makes it possible for a bad actor to gain remote access to the infected victim’s system.

And the news reports continued that Microsoft’s results indicated that there may be other campaigns that rely on the same technologies to target digital currency companies, especially since the industry attracts the interest of cybercriminals, and fraudsters can target both large and small companies, and that precautionary measures must be taken to prevent such attacks.


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