Led by Bitcoin.. a collective rise in cryptocurrency prices

The prices of most cryptocurrencies witnessed an increase today, Monday, with the “most popular cryptocurrency” Bitcoin climbing above $39,000.

The market value of cryptocurrencies rose today to $1.75 trillion, with trading volumes in the last 24 hours.

Investors typically reduce their exposure to speculative assets such as stocks and cryptocurrencies in times of uncertainty — and bond yields fall when prices rise.

In contrast, gold and other commodities usually outperform when inflation is rising.

Bitcoin price today

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) (the largest and most famous digital currency in the world), today increased by 2.5% to reach $ 39.008 thousand, according to “investing”.

The highest level reached by the price of Bitcoin was on the 10th of last November, when it recorded 68 thousand and 992 dollars.

Cryptocurrency rates today

The price of the Ethereum coin (ETH) increased by 1.80% to record $2,865.10.

The price of Binance coin BNB increased by 2.24% to reach $391.50.

XRP rose 5.07% to $0.62308.

The price of the Cardano coin rose by 2.65% to record $0.7928.

Dogecoin DOGE/USD increased by 1.35% to reach $0.133412 levels.

Cryptocurrencies are considered as a non-cash digital payment method, which is managed and traded in a decentralized online payment system that is highly protected away from the control and control of banks.

According to the statistics of the cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com, there were approximately 300 million people who owned cryptocurrency by the end of 2021.

The price of Polkadot fell 8.57% to $14.92.

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