KFH is the first bank to implement “360T” solutions for forex trading operations

Ahmed Al-Sumait: Integration between all the group’s banks abroad through the Kuwait Finance House

Kuwait Finance House (KFH), as the first bank in Kuwait, succeeded in implementing 360T solutions to centralize and integrate all foreign currency buying and selling transactions from all the group’s banks abroad (Turkey, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Bahrain), through KFH in Kuwait.

General Manager of Kuwait Treasury at KFH Ahmad Al-Sumait said in a press statement yesterday that KFH has implemented the new service in cooperation with 360T, the global foreign exchange company affiliated with the Deutsche Börse Group.

Al-Sumait added that through 360T solutions, KFH gives customers a unique service that allows them to buy and sell foreign currencies at spot and changing market prices 24 hours a day, seven days a week, indicating that this gives customers a competitive profit margin as a result of the efficiency in the exposure of KFH. » on currency fluctuations as well as on operational risks, other than profit margins during operations carried out by clients outside working hours.

He pointed out that the new service that adds to KFH a competitive advantage falls within the framework of KFH’s digital transformation strategy, and embodies its leadership in offering digital financial solutions that meet customers’ needs and aspirations, indicating that 360T supports KFH’s efforts in digital transformation, through Providing it with a wide range of solutions and technological tools necessary to implement the operations of buying and selling foreign currencies in a dynamic, instant and central manner, as KFH – Kuwait is the main liquidity provider of foreign currencies for all the banks of the group.


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