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Trade futures contracts on CoinExAccording to the 2021 annual review, income amounted to $1,120 trillion, of which nearly half was futures contracts, which amounted to $57 trillion, compared to spot trading, which represented 43%, or $49 trillion. In addition, the total volume of international currencies increased 3.37 times annually. Futures contracts have grown by almost 6 times, and delivery contracts only 36.2 times. The total data presented in the review shows rapid growth in the futures market. This indicates the increasing popularity of the market. In contrast to the lack of diversity in the spot market, futures, and line contracts, it allows users to make profits through long-term holding and high leverage, without having to hold different types of cryptocurrencies, knowing the coinex contract data and how it is used. In addition to the open interest and futures trading volume, which we will learn about in our article, How to participate in the futures trading contest on coinex.

How to participate in the futures trading contest on coinex

Users who have just entered the futures market should also consider the simplicity of the product and ease of use when a good futures trading platform comes in this regard coinex futures platform comes as a good choice as it strives to provide easier futures trading services to the users as per the following steps:

  1. The coinex platform provides a simple web page for the futures sector. It is intuitive to start a live web connection for futures trading. Log in to the futures contract page. Users can also initially choose a market to trade linear, or inverse contracts according to their needs, and once the market is selected, the financial market conditions and current orders will appear instantly.
  2. Before choosing a margin and starting a position, users can find the futures tutorial on the right side to get acquainted with futures trading in no time. The exchange protects users’ access with multiple secure strategy as well as a trading environment. Also, all coinex crypto assets are 100% secure and reserved, allowing users to start their coinex earning hub without any worries.
  3. Position information helps more conveniently through the multi-futures trading mechanism, to help users manage positions to control risk. It also provides multiple future mechanisms, such as easily related coinex cancellation, automatic ADL, insurance fund, and forward financing charges are determined by the average spot rate. This price allows the indicator to fluctuate within the normal range, thus eliminating trading concerns and futures.
  4. Step-by-step tutorials on coinex and futures trading in our all-inclusive Help Center A professional, comprehensive help center that allows users to dive straight into how to trade cryptocurrencies with instructions. Step-by-step through articles and video clips. It enables users to learn about futures contracts in no time.

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Importance of participating in the futures trading contest on coinex

Futures traders rely heavily on contract data to determine market trends, and formulate trading strategies. All professional futures traders need contract data for coinex investment analysis. By verifying the contract data through the following:

  • Verify coinex contract data on the web.
  • Verify coinex contract data via app.

Verify coinex contract data on the web

Cryptocurrency exchanges can gain a foothold in the futures market, and record exponential growth in trading volumes by improving their futures products. With the availability of a more user-friendly tool. It has now bypassed the spot market, and to check the contract data on the web we follow these steps:

  1. First visit the website page via this link coinex and register in your personal name.
  2. Go to the Market info option from the navigation bar and then your Futrurs.
  3. Click on coinex to access Contract Data.

Verify coinex contract data via app

The futures market has become a major investment channel. The futures market has become the primary investment option for many cryptocurrency users. However, futures contracts are still not available to most newcomers to the industry. To verify contract data via the app, we follow these steps:

  1. Click on the icon in the right corner of the application.
  2. Enter the futures contract field.
  3. Also, the contract data must be identified and viewed.

The importance of participating in the futures trading contest on coinex

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What is coinex contract data and how is it used

Open interest refers to the total open interest of all users during a given period. The trading volume also refers to the total executed volume of futures contracts during a certain period, so that we can collect coinex contract data and see how it is used. The interest falls under the following headings:

  • Open interest and trading volume.
  • Also rolling buy and sell volume.
  • Long and short term accounts.

Open interest and futures trading volume on coinex

Open interest and trading volume help investors realize liquidation and closing volume In the futures market, for example, a large number of futures contracts are closed or liquidated when trading volume is high, and open interest is low. Market traders are eager to open positions. When both open interest and trading volume rise.

Trader buying and selling volume and futures trading on coinex

The volume of the Taker’s purchase indicates the volume of capital inflow. Taker also refers to the size of the outflow of capital. Market sentiment falls under the greedy spectrum. On the other hand, the large buying volume indicates the market sentiment which is within the fear range. It also indicates how many traders sell short.

Long and short accounts and futures trading on coinex

Long/Short Term Ratio represents an account and the ratio of net short accounts over a given period. This indicator shows the market tendency of retail traders, and the top traders in each futures market. The value of a long position is equal to the value of a short position, and for that reason, there are a few large-value accounts on long positions. When the buy-sell ratio is 150%. That is, the long account / the short account is equal to zero 1.5.

How can I raise my revenue

When it comes to futures trading, it is undeniable that top traders have better habits and are more sensitive than retail traders. As such, a trend can be relied upon by retail traders. However, it should be noted that some major traders and institutions use futures contracts as a hedge against immediate risks. Our market insights should also make a difference when we refer to coinex contract data and how it is used.

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How can I raise my revenue

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Timely stop loss

Our lives depend on profit and loss, and since these two events are inevitable, thoughts must be controlled by the proportion of losses when trading futures contracts and trying to set the appropriate time for that. It is important to learn from futures traders to put losses within a controlled area to try to compensate for them later. Some experienced traders also work on setting the stop loss price by determining the size of the losses. For example, some traders control the percentage of their losses by working to collect account funds to 5% or 10%.

Take profit from futures trading on coinex

The market sometimes suffers from extreme fluctuations between a huge bounce and a huge drop in a short time so, when trading in futures contracts, we can choose to close our positions and reap our profits. Change the possibility of higher prices or condemn them. With the possibility of closing some of our positions to make the variable profits actual profits.

Control your leverage

You should avoid building leverage ratios with excessively high ratios. At the same time, traders of short-term futures contracts. Determine the leverage ratio consistent with their features. To avoid forced isolation. Losses caused by price instability should also be avoided.

Capture the direction and timing of futures trading on coinex

The main strategy behind any future operation. It is every trader’s prediction about whether prices will fall, rise and the possibility of staying in the market or leaving. The important factor for futures trading, which controls the direction and progress of the market, is also changing. Some market techniques are useful and for example, traders can rely on indicators, for a moving average to read the market, assess the time of entry, and determine the key price frame.

Here we come to the conclusion of our article, How to Participate in the CoinEx Futures Trading Contest. The contract data is an important welcome for the futures trader which helps them in analyzing the market, determining the market trend and formulating the corresponding trading strategy. However, you should also rely on our own view of the market when deciding on the appropriate trading direction using contract data.

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