Hacking a famous digital currency platform and stealing millions of dollars!


Yesterday, Thursday, news reports said, citing the platform Deribit for trading Cryptocurrency That she was subjected to a hacking operation that led to the theft of her hot wallet and a loss of about 28 million dollars, adding that despite the hacking of the platform, the clients’ funds are safe and that the platform will cover the loss from its reserves.

The popular platform explained that despite the hot wallet being hacked, none of its other censored wallets were affected by Fireblocks or other cold storage, and that it had made protecting 99% of users’ funds in cold storage a matter of public policy to reduce the potential impacts of such events.

Cryptocurrency trading platform Deribit indicated that, in an effort to improve its security systems, it has temporarily suspended the main activities on its platform, including withdrawals, until it is sure that the gaps are filled, and that it has decided to increase the number of confirmations required for deposits within the platform.

It should be noted that a new report issued by the blockchain analysis company Chainalysis last August, revealed that crimes related to theft of cryptocurrencies recorded an unmarketed rise during the first 7 months of this year, despite the strong decline in the markets.

The report pointed out that cryptocurrencies that were stolen rose in 2022, with more than 202 million dollars stolen in the past two weeks, in addition to 1.9 billion dollars of lost investor funds as of the end of July, an increase of 37% from last year.


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