Financial revolution and forex trading for individual investors

Gaza – Safa

The financial sector has recently entered into several fundamental changes, since this sector entered the provision of services to individual investors, there has become a great competition between financial companies to provide tools and services to traders via the Internet, as this technological boom helped inject high liquidity into the financial markets, and the dependence of a large number of investors on trading platforms Such as MetaTrader 5 platform And other platforms dedicated to forex trading.

Forex trading: the foreign exchange market

The forex market is considered one of the most liquid markets in the world and this market operates throughout the week.

Forex trading was in the past restricted to large financial institutions and banks only, and with the continuous development of financial services provided by companies, many Licensed forex trading companies that provide services to individuals.

In forex trading, individual investors open buying and selling positions on the moving prices of different currency pairs, such as the euro/dollar currency pair. The profits consist of the price differences between the purchase and sale price, and we note that the foreign exchange market does not publish its data on the famous news channels, because it is one of the most attractive markets for investors.

Forex trading company licenses

There are a number of local authorities run by governments in Arab countries that provide licenses to these companies, and the most famous Arab countries that license forex trading, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates when talking about CFD trading.

When talking about forex trading in general, it is licensed by all financial authorities and institutions in the Arab countries, but not all of these countries provide trading regulation for individual investors.

The AvaTrade trading company is one of the few companies that holds global licenses, from several different bodies to provide services in various global continents, and in the past years, the company obtained a special license to provide financial services in the United Arab Emirates.

Thus, AvaTrade is one of the companies that allows individual investors to enter in an organized manner, and is licensed to a fair market for trading foreign exchange, forex, and that we always recommend entering it with a licensed and reliable broker.

Fraud in the forex market

Mr. Issa Al-Banna of the Thiqa website team, which specializes in evaluating trading companies, says that the rate of fraud in the foreign exchange market has witnessed a significant increase in recent years. Thiqa website has been evaluating these companies for more than 5 years, and in the last year the site has developed a free tool To examine the licenses of companies operating in the market.

This tool appeared to the public to help them examine companies, their licenses and the most important things they should know before entering the financial markets. At the same time, the administration worked to collect a lot of data from users that were deduced from several new fraudulent methods that are tired of fake companies, and published how to avoid these companies .

The most important things to follow to avoid Forex fraud:

  • You should avoid dealing with companies with suspicious names

  • You must verify the licenses of trading companies, manually or through services such as the Thiqa website service

  • It is necessary to communicate with the authorized bodies in case the investment is large to ensure the legitimacy of the company

  • You should not deal with companies that ask investors to take financial loans

  • You should not deal with companies that provide trading recommendations, as trading should be entirely at the investor’s responsibility.

In the end, it is considered Forex trading market It is one of the markets that can be entered for individual investors and they must always make sure to deal with licensed companies, as we mentioned, and there are many traders who rely on trading as an additional income or as a daily work to a large extent.

We wish you safe trading and we hope that you will like this article, to help you have a safe and risk-free trading experience.



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