Ethereum records a strong rise and records its highest level in a month and a half!


registered worked Ethereum digital Ethereum A strong rise, close to 10%, during today’s trading, and recorded its highest level in about a month and a half, near the level of 1500 dollars, due to the increased demand for the digital currency, so that Ethereum maintains its position in the ranking of the most famous digital currencies in terms of market value.

During trading, the Ethereum digital currency rose by 9.52% and recorded about $1,462.95, the highest level since last September 16, with a daily trading volume of $17,939,022,881, bringing the value of Ethereum capital to about $179,027,104,388, and Ethereum ranks second in the ranking of the most famous digital currencies from Where is the market value.

Ethereum has clearly benefited from the increased demand, benefiting from concerns that the US Federal Reserve will slow its rate hike. Investment giant Fidelity’s announcement of its plans to provide institutional users with access to Ethereum transactions, allowing them to buy, sell and transfer assets from Oct.


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