Economics Professor: Digital currencies impose themselves and the phenomenon must be contained.. Video – The Seventh Day

Dr. Abdel Latif Darwish, professor of economics, said that the virtual world is evolving day after day, which means that digital currencies must be contained.

Darwish added, during his appearance via Skype, on the “Matrouh for Discussion” program broadcast on the “Cairo News” channel, that dealing with digital currencies is primarily a psychological issue, as it depends on the continuation of their circulation and conflict with them.

He continued, “Like the dollar, the dollar is not backed by gold, but its trading and dealing with it is what gives it its value against other currencies, and the same thing applies to digital currencies.”

And he added that the transformation of digital currencies into a general phenomenon and not just an individual issue makes countries need to deal with them and deal with them scientifically, so that countries do not find themselves forced to do so at a late time and in bad conditions.

He added that digital currencies are used in actual purchases, whether in normal or suspicious purchases, which makes it necessary to deal with them scientifically because they are developing and imposing themselves.


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