Economic researcher: The recession will not last long.. This is the fate of the currency market and Bitcoin in 2024

Kuwaiti economic researcher, Abdul Rahman Al-Enezi, said that the metavirus is the future, and that the world will witness a significant rise in bitcoin starting in 2024.

Al-Enezi indicated that he conducted many studies and research in the world of currency trading during the last period, the result of which was that there is a state of economic stagnation, and indicators of the rise in the currency and bitcoin market will begin during the month of March of 2024 and will continue until the following year.

Abdul Rahman Al-Enezi added that his various researches in the currency market are personal diligence, stressing that his expectations came as a result of documented studies, and that he hopes that positive results will come during the coming period, and that the economic recession will end safely.

It is noteworthy that Abdul Rahman Al-Enezi is a Kuwaiti young man who loves to travel and has recently come from the United Kingdom, and his next destination will be Lebanon, after which he will fly to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to attend the activities of the Riyadh season. Trading in digital currencies, for free, and urging them to learn by themselves and not be taken advantage of by some analysts.

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