“Cybercrime” monitors one of the emerging patterns in fraud related to the circulation of digital currencies

Manama, September 08 (BNA) The Anti-Cybercrime Department of the General Department of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security was able to monitor one of the new patterns in electronic fraud related to the trading of digital currencies via text messages, as part of the department’s efforts to monitor the new criminal patterns and methods in perpetrating electronic fraud. through modern information and communication technology.

The administration explained that the detected fraud is carried out by the perpetrators sending text messages by phone randomly to the user, stating that there is an electronic account that contains a large amount of digital currencies, with a suspicious link to one of the sites designed to phish and steal victims’ data, adding that once responding and entering the The suspicious site, the victim is directed to create an account and register his bank card data, and this is the last step before the perpetrators seize the victim’s data and steal money from his bank account.

In this context; The Anti-Cybercrime Department has warned citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Bahrain to respond to suspicious messages and links that may reach their phones, in order to avoid becoming victims of electronic fraud.

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