Cryptocurrency prices .. collective rise in the crypto market and Bitcoin rise 0.25%

Today, the prices of cryptocurrencies witnessed a collective rise, as Bitcoin recovered its previous losses, as well as the crypto market witnessed a significant rise.

Cryptocurrency prices according to global stock exchange transactions

The price of the “Bitcoin” currency, the largest and most famous digital currency in the cryptocurrency market, increased by 0.25%, to reach $23.246. 2.14%, to record $0.5206.

The “Solana” currency rose by 1.78%, to record 790.40 dollars, and the “Dog Coin” rose by 1.64%, to reach levels of 0.070069 dollars.

The “Shiba Inu” currency rose by 1.24% to levels of $0.01220, and “AV AX smart contracts”, the cryptocurrency in the range of 7.09%, rose to levels near $25.54.

The “Terra Classic” currency also rose by 0.1% to levels of $0.001011, and the “Ripple” currency rose by 40.0% to levels of $0.37570.

The market capitalization of the crypto market is rising

The market value of the crypto market increased by 0.25% to reach $1.09 trillion, with cash flows during the last 24 hours recorded at $63.98 billion.

Despite the success of Bitcoin rebounding during July and its ability to post its best monthly gain since October 2021, the risks of a violent downside still loom as one of the main proponents of Bitcoin has identified a potential price at levels below $14,000.

Cryptocurrencies are a cashless digital payment method, which is managed and traded in a decentralized online payment system that is highly protected away from the control and control of banks.

According to the statistics of the cryptocurrency exchange, there were approximately 300 million people who owned cryptocurrency by the end of 2021.


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