Cryptocurrency prices..Bitcoin continues its losses during trading

Cryptocurrency prices fell collectively during today’s trading, as Bitcoin continues its violent losses.

“Al-Dustour” monitors the losses of cryptocurrencies according to the transactions of the global stock exchange:

Bitcoin, the largest and most popular digital currency in the world, lost 2.38%, to $29,653.9.

The Ethereum coin fell 2.59%, recording $1,766.72.

The Cardano coin fell by 3.98% to $0.5622.

The Solana currency lost 8.62% from yesterday to record 172.37 dollars.

The Doge Coin lost 0.55% of the value yesterday, to reach levels of $0.81815.

The Sheba currency fell from yesterday by 2.18% to levels of $0.01079.

And AV AX smart contracts, the cryptocurrency, lost within 3.80%, to levels near $23.00.

Terra Classic coin lost 21.6% to $0.0927 levels.

The price of the Ripple currency fell by 4.21% to levels of $0.38984.

The market value of cryptocurrencies recorded 1.30 trillion dollars, with about 10,859 digital currencies, with a transaction volume of 83.46 billion dollars during the last 24 hours.

During the trading of last May, digital currencies were subjected to a sharp wave of losses exceeding 600 billion dollars, which began even before the collapse of Terra Luna and Terra stable.

The rate of Bitcoin dominance in the cryptocurrency market increased to more than 45%, which is the percentage of Bitcoin taking over the crypto market capitalization, as many currencies did not recover as quickly. During the trading of last May, Bitcoin fell within the range of 17%, while it declined by 30% in sixty days, and by 28% in ninety days, while it has decreased in the range of 34% since the beginning of the year.

Cryptocurrency is one of the modern financial tools that are widely used in various daily activities around the world.


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