Cryptocurrency exchange Binance launches a program to help police detect crypto crimes

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the development of a special program that will focus on training law enforcement officers to understand the nuances of the crypto world; Which will help them solve issues related to the digital asset sector.

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And the technical website “Gadgets 360” reported today, Wednesday, that the Binance platform, under the umbrella of this initiative called the “Global Law Enforcement Training Program”, will connect police officers in different parts of the world with skilled third-web professionals who will manage training About possible cryptographic crime-fighting methods as well as post-processing methods.

The move from the Cayman Islands-based Binance platform comes against the backdrop of scams and hacking of cryptocurrencies that are spreading rapidly around the world.

“As more regulators, public law enforcement agencies and private sector stakeholders are closely scrutinizing cryptocurrencies, we are seeing increased demand for cryptocurrencies,” Tigran Gambrian, Global Head of Intelligence and Investigations at Binance, said in an official statement. Training to help educate and combat crypto crimes. To meet this demand, we have strengthened our team to conduct more training and work alongside regulators around the world.”

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