Binance platform intends to include a new currency, so what are the details?


Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that it is preparing to list a new cryptocurrency project through the Aptos Currency Project or AP For trading, the platform is scheduled to list APT for trading tomorrow, Wednesday, October 19.

Binance indicated that the APT cryptocurrency will be available for trading against Bitcoin, USDT and BUSD. Users can now start depositing APT in preparation for trading, while APT cryptocurrency can be withdrawn from October 20.

The world-famous platform for cryptocurrency trading indicated that it will provide the APT digital currency for margin trading.

It is worth noting that Aptos is a first-class PoS blockchain that aims to develop Dapps products and applications that seek to improve the user experience in Web 3.0 and it is called Solana’s Killer, because of its speed of transactions and support for decentralized applications.

Meanwhile, the APT digital currency will be used to pay fees on the network and in auditing and governance, but the most talked about aspect of the Aptos project compared to other blockchains is the Move programming language, which is supposed to be convenient for developers and provide asset management guarantees.

At the beginning of this October, the Binance platform, which is one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that it had decided to include the GMX digital currency on its platform starting today, Wednesday, adding that it had decided to open trading for the new digital currency on its platform for the trading pairs GMX / BTC, GMX / BUSD and GMX / USDT, users can now start depositing GMX in preparation for trading.


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