A new update … digital currency prices today, Friday, and “Bitcoin” fell to 16.4 thousand dollars

Cryptocurrencies fell during Friday’s trading, amid the return of rapid profit-taking of those assets, taking advantage of the temporary rise that it witnessed in the past three sessions, coinciding with the emergence of reports that the Chinese businessman, Justin Sun, may purchase assets from the collapsed FTX exchange after its recent bankruptcy announcement. .

Cryptocurrency prices

  • Bitcoin, “the largest cryptocurrency by market value”, fell during today’s trading, by more than 1.7%, to 16.43 thousand dollars, at 10:30 am Dubai time, according to data from the “Coin Market Cap” website, which specializes in monitoring the performance of Digital currencies.
  • Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, fell nearly 3% to $1.18.
  • Binance Coin fell 0.68% to 295.51 cents, Cardano fell 2.12% to $0.3124, and Blockadot fell 3.8%.
  • Dogecoin also fell 1.24%, to $0.081969.
  • The global market value of cryptocurrencies fell from $830.3 billion to $827.35 billion, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Founder of cryptocurrency

  • Changpeng Zhao, founder of cryptocurrency Binance, announced that the platform has set up a bailout fund of nearly $1 billion to purchase distressed assets in the digital asset sector, in cooperation with a number of partners.
  • “If that’s not enough, we can allocate more,” Zhao, better known as CZ, said in an interview Thursday with Bloomberg.

FTX Exchange

  • CZ has been a key figure in the recent period of cryptocurrency turmoil, and his tweets highlighted concerns about rival Sam Bankman Fried’s FTX exchange, thus accusing him of hastening FTX’s downfall.
  • CZ said a blog post about the fund is coming soon and that Binance has spoken to a number of industry players about it.
  • The cryptocurrency’s downturn has wiped out $80 billion from CZ’s personal wealth, but at $15 billion, he still far outpaces anyone else in the crypto space, according to the Bloomberg Millionaires Index.
  • His exchange cemented its position as the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world after the chaotic slide of FTX to bankruptcy.

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