A new spam campaign on Twitter steals users’ cryptocurrency

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Kaspersky researchers discovered a spam campaign spread through direct messages on Twitter, targeting the cryptocurrency theft of users, who are asked to help withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars from a cryptocurrency account of a user of the popular social media platform. In order to help this strange user, the victims are required to create a VIP account on the scam site, and participate in paying the cost of its creation, which leads to the loss of their digital currencies.

Through this message, a stranger asks for urgent help, saying that he is having trouble accessing his account on a cryptocurrency trading site, and asking for his help in withdrawing a certain amount of cryptocurrency from his wallet. In the message, he specifies his username and password, and the amount of digital currency in his wallet, which often amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars, asking the target user to enter it in a specific location. Kaspersky experts believe that the stranger can promise the victims a small amount of money in exchange for assistance with withdrawals, but it will remain just a trap to target as many users as possible.

The victim ends up on a site claiming to be an investment platform, and enters the stranger’s account after entering the username and password he obtained from him, where he finds the exact amount. But the appearance of the site in front of the potential victim, with its weak design and poor appearance, is supposed to arouse suspicion about itself, especially since the contact list consists only of email addresses, and does not include the names and photos of the platform’s creators.

To withdraw the currency, the victim is asked to provide his own wallet address and the block chain number, and he is also asked, surprisingly, to enter an additional password that he does not have, so the platform offers the victim a way to transfer funds directly within the system, in which case the additional password is not needed. Instead, the victim will have to create a VIP account, which costs a small amount of money. Once the victim registers in the system and enters their wallet details to pay to create a VIP account, the money is stolen from their account, without getting anything in return.

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