A cryptocurrency trading company lays off 80 Bahrainis.

Anas Al-Aghbash

A source confirmed that a digital currency trading company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain, reassured the rest of the employees, during a meeting with them yesterday, to stop the “techniques”, after it suddenly laid off 80 employees in one day under the pretext of reducing operating expenses and affecting the performance of digital currencies. globally.

The source indicated to Al-Watan that the company’s management contacted about 200 employees by phone on Wednesday, informing them that a decision was issued to dismiss a large number of them, and after 10 minutes, a number of them received letters of dismissal from work.

They pointed out that some of them moved two or more weeks ago to the company and resigned from their original jobs after it offered them a double salary, and they are now among the unemployed. A number of dismissed employees explained to Al-Watan that the company’s decision was ill-considered, especially since the dismissal of them was random, and some of them were employed two weeks ago and others from the technical department replaced the old technical system of the company with an external one that cost it thousands of dinars, pointing out that the company’s management She gave them her “laptops”, after she pulled the technical system out of all the devices.


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