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Cryptocurrency and the encrypted space raise the concern of many users regarding the security of digital currencies, and the protection that must be present to achieve a good investment, as cyberspace is no longer the only place that contains security threats and breaches.

According to what Forbes identified last year, there are attacks to steal bitcoins, as this currency is the fourth largest carrier causing the loss of crypto funds. encrypted that are not adequately protected.

So software engineer and bitcoin advocate Jameson Loeb has compiled a list of approved thefts of bitcoin holders around the world.

Theft and kidnapping of bitcoin owners

The list began in January, when a Bitcoin ATM was stolen from a gas station in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, where a group of people were arrested who stole this machine from a gas station in the state. This included smashing a truck inside the station to achieve their goal, only to discover that there was no Bitcoin inside the device.

As for the month of February, the police in the Indian city of Pune arrested eight people, including a police officer, while trying to kidnap a bitcoin owner, and according to news reports, the victim was held hostage in exchange for 300 crore (36.6 million) bitcoins.

And in March, Dubai Police arrested four people who targeted a merchant to steal his bitcoins, forcing them to pay a fine of 1.7 million dirhams (more than $462,000 at the time of publication), which was the amount that was stolen from the victim’s house after placing a sharp weapon on his neck. .

Breaking into a house and stealing mining machinery

In the same context, in April, one of the cryptocurrency incidents occurred in Canada, where gunmen stormed a house in Canyon Meadows, and financial belongings were stolen, as well as private keys belonging to the cryptocurrency victim, and news reports stated that the victim had sustained some injuries as a result of the attack.

The month of May witnessed the theft of Bitcoin mining machines, as 12 people were arrested for stealing cryptocurrency mining platforms and according to media reports, this led to the theft of hundreds of thousands of currency.

The complaint was made by the owner of the aluminum company, who recounted to police breaking into his building twice and taking 180 bitcoin mining machines.

In July, two people were convicted of robbing a businessman and his friend after being swindled out of a bogus Bitcoin transaction in Dubai after the victim executed a cryptocurrency trade.

The attackers seized the victim’s bag, which contained 183,000 dirhams (about $49,800), three phones, papers and bank checks.

Carrying weapons, threatening and kidnapping victims

On the other hand, one of the thefts took place in September when UK police arrested three individuals as they attempted to steal a person’s cryptocurrency holdings. According to media reports, the three men were accused of carrying weapons with the intent of losing the person’s cryptocurrency.

And at the end of the year in December, one of the entrepreneurs (Russian nationality) informed the police to force this masked victim to reveal the password of his digital wallet after he was kidnapped from his car, as the wallet included 250 Bitcoin (about 17 million dollars), and the event took place in Moscow and it moved the victim to an unknown location.

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