5 cyber crimes that caused significant financial and security losses

Some global hacks have damaged the data of millions of people even though the method of implementation was by very naive and simple means.

Some of these incidents led to the breach of data of millions of people, some caused the theft of cryptocurrencies, while one led to the disruption of cyber systems at NASA.

A teenager penetrates the systems of NASA!

In 1999, NASA had to shut down its systems after being hacked, as authorities initially believed that a foreign power had carried out the attack on 13 systems.

Then it turned out that the attacker was a bored teenager, but he was too dangerous to carry out this high-level hack.

Caller number 102.

In 1991, there was an American radio program that presented a weekly prize for a Porsche 944 S2, and the conditions for winning the competition were very simple: the winner was the 102nd caller.

A young man named Kevin Poulsen, 24, met up with his friends and waited for the 101st call and proceeded to hack all 25 of the station’s phone lines.

Paulsen succeeded in jamming the station’s lines and blocking communications, becoming the 102nd caller.

Although Paulsen won the car, the incident was discovered and he was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Data of 100 million PlayStation users stolen

PlayStation Network was hacked in 2011 after hackers managed to steal the data of more than 100 million users.

The data included usernames, passwords, dates of birth and other personal information, and the hack was classified at the time as one of the largest intrusions in history, if not the largest at all.
It took the company 3 weeks to rebuild the cyber infrastructure and operate the network.

Theft of 850 thousand bitcoins .. in a very simple way!

It was the Mt. Cryptocurrency exchange Gox is the largest cryptocurrency exchange, but it suffered a massive hack in 2014.

The Tokyo-based platform that has seen 70% of all bitcoins traded around the world was a perfect target for hackers, who used the order book that lists information about the number of coins in circulation and stole 850,000 bitcoins!

Although 200,000 coins were subsequently recovered, the perpetrators were not brought to justice.

The value of the loot amounted to $23 billion, making it the largest breach in history in terms of losses.

Tens of millions of credit card data stolen

Heartland Payment Systems, a subsidiary of Global Payments, was one of the largest payment companies in America but was hit by what is known as one of the most dangerous security leaks in history.

The company’s cyber system exposed the credit card information of tens of millions of customers.

The authorities succeeded in reaching the perpetrator, and he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

However, this did not reduce the amount of losses, as the company incurred about 140 million dollars in compensation and 26 million dollars in legal fees.


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