BTC/USD Daily Forecast: Double Bottom

Consolidating Bitcoin, finding buyers for the coin below $20 thousand. Previous recommendations for trading the currency pair BTC/USD My previous recommendations on August 25th for BTC/USD were not activated as there was no price action to the upside when the two support levels I first identified were reached that day. Today’s recommendations for trading the … Read more

Indonesian e-commerce giant buys local cryptocurrency exchange for $8 million

TAM Shams – Tuesday, August 30, 2022 05:41 PM – Indonesian tech firm BT Goto Gojik Tokopedia TBK (Goto) has bought BT Crypto Maxima Coin, a local cryptocurrency exchange, in a bid to diversify its assets. The deal marks a milestone in the integration of mainstream and cryptocurrency into the world’s fourth most populous country. … Read more

Urgent: A sharp fall in European stocks… The series of Euro defeats will not stop despite the gains By

© Reuters. – The US currency pair continued to rally, weighed down by last week’s events, as investors reacted to comments from the Jackson Hole seminar. Jerome Powell reiterated in his speech that there will be some pain for both investors and consumers as he continues to fight rising inflation by raising interest rates. … Read more

5 cyber crimes that caused significant financial and security losses

Some global hacks have damaged the data of millions of people even though the method of implementation was by very naive and simple means. Some of these incidents led to the breach of data of millions of people, some caused the theft of cryptocurrencies, while one led to the disruption of cyber systems at NASA. … Read more

Foreign exchange rates globally today, Saturday, August 27, 2022 – Al Mal newspaper

The “Al-Mal News” portal monitors the prices of the main foreign currencies that were traded this morning, Saturday, the twenty-seventh of August 2022, against the US dollar. Foreign exchange rates against the dollar The price of the single European currency, “the euro,” settled at 1.00 against the dollar, by 9:13 pm UTC, and the price … Read more

Find out which countries ban or restrict cryptocurrency

The virtual currency “Bitcoin” is still a subject of contention for many countries of the world, since its first appearance on January 3, 2009, as is the case for the cryptocurrencies that followed it later. Although it has been widely criticized for fluctuations in global prices and its large consumption of electricity, some consider cryptocurrencies, … Read more

Coinbase intends to create a new digital token, and the reason is Ethereum

Ethereum Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange, revealed Thursday that it will give those who participate in Ethereum an ERC20 interest token called Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH (cbETH) to represent their Ethereum stake reward. Coinbase stops Ethereum withdrawals and deposits at this time! The platform noted that the main advantage here is that cbETH can be … Read more

Turkish Lira Daily Forecast: Consumer Price Index in

Today’s recommendation on the lira against the dollar The risk is 0.50%. None of the buy or sell trades took place yesterday advertisement Trading is risky. Best selling entry points Entering a short position with a pending order from levels of 18.33 Set a stop loss point to close the lowest support levels 18.55. Move … Read more

How to choose a safe and reliable CFD trading platform?

Contracts for Difference, or CFD trading, is CFDs It is one of the most complex types of financial assets that are traded through different trading platforms and companies, and because of this, many unlicensed platforms and companies have appeared that present themselves as reliable trading companies, but unfortunately they have exposed many traders to huge … Read more

The moment the Bitcoin promotion gang was caught in Giza (video)

The most prominent video issued by the Media and Relations Sector of the Ministry of Interior, the moment of the arrest of a gang accused of promoting virtual currencies Bitcoin, in continuation of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior agencies to combat crime in all its forms, especially the crimes of “virtual” encrypted digital … Read more