Bitcoin from stagnation to boom .. Is history repeating itself?

In an article published by the British Financial Times, writer David Hindley said that Bitcoin has lost more than 50% of its value in the past six months, but that the owners of this cryptocurrency are getting used to the volatile nature of the industry. The paper delved into past booms and busts for bitcoin … Read more

Urgent: The Egyptian pound suddenly drops after two weeks of cohesion

The exchange rates of the US dollar rose suddenly during trading today, Tuesday, after more than two weeks of stability in the exchange rates of the US currency in the Egyptian market. According to the data of the largest national Egyptian banks, the National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr, the exchange rate rose to … Read more

Urgent: Promising news after the visit of the Emir of Qatar.. Will it be reflected in the pound? by

© Reuters. – The Egyptian Finance Minister said a short while ago that negotiations are underway between the two sides and Qatar regarding pumping investments of up to $3 billion into the Egyptian market. The statements of Egyptian Finance Minister Mohamed Maait come less than two days after the visit of the Emir of … Read more

The Centralists’ War… A Currency at a Top of 20 Years and Another at the Bottom of a Quarter Century By

© – U.S. inflation hits 8.6% and sets the stage for another aggressive rate hike by the Federal Reserve, while the market is pricing in eight rate hikes through the end of the year, adding 2% to the Fed’s current 1.0% interest rate. On the other hand, the European Central sends a clear … Read more

The Ministry of the Interior seizes cases of tax evasion of 2 billion pounds within a week

Saturday 25/June/2022 – 03:49 PM Ministry agencies continued interior At the level of the Republic, directing security campaigns in coordination with the Central Security Sector, to confront acts of bullying, apprehend outlaws, and holders of firearms and white goods, tighten security control, and intensify efforts to combat corruption crimes in all its forms and manifestations, … Read more

The rise in the price of the dollar in Turkey today, Friday, June 24

The price of the dollar rose today in Turkey against the lira, after the Turkish Central Bank announced that interest rates would be fixed at 14% unchanged at its meeting yesterday, while foreign currency reserves are declining, and foreign investors are leaving due to the weak return on the lira. The price of the dollar … Read more

Urgent: European gas prices ignite… an emergency to break Russian hegemony

European gas prices hit a wave of sharp rises after a German decision to lift the state of emergency to face the imminent possibility of a complete interruption of Russian gas supplies. According to the data of the TTF index on the ICE London Stock Exchange today, Thursday, the price of spot gas contracts jumped … Read more

EUR/USD forecast today: Consolidation is below 1.0545

The US dollar is looking to take back the land. advertisement To create an Islamic Forex account My previous recommendations on June 9th to trade EURUSD produced an excellent and well profitable short trade from rejecting the downtrend line near $1.0800. Today’s recommendations for trading the EUR/USD currency pair The risk is 0.75%. Trades can … Read more