Bitcoin is heading for strong weekly gains!

Bitcoin The profits of the cryptocurrency market have been boosted today after its previous crashes, led by the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin Which rose above the $31,000 level, despite the latest geopolitical developments negatively affecting the appetite of crypto traders, and Bitcoin is now stabilizing at $31,599.00. Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have received strong support from … Read more

Urgent: The ruble is rebounding strongly after a sudden decision by the Russian Central

rubles After a wave of significant decline of the Russian ruble at the end of last week, following the sudden decision of the Central Bank to cut interest rates by 300 basis points, it seems that the ruble is on its way to return again. The Russian ruble reached its highest levels against the dollar … Read more

Urgent: Cryptocurrency Will Rise $220,000.. Thanks to Women

It seems that there are tycoons who see that Bitcoin will achieve a major breakthrough in the coming days, thanks to the cases of adoption and the high rates of inflation witnessed in world markets, in addition to the wide adoption of Bitcoin by women in shopping operations. 250 thousand dollars Billionaire and famous business … Read more

Crazy demand for cryptocurrencies in light of economic turmoil

The Istanbul derby between Besiktas and its arch-rival Fenerbahce witnessed a strange incident of its kind, as the referee of the match used one of the commemorative bitcoins in the draw for the beginning of the match, which surprised many fans of the round witch in Turkey. As a result, the Turkish Football Association announced … Read more

Urgent: Russia pushes the ruble down for personal interests.. the currency is the best performer this year By

© Reuters. – The decline continued after yesterday’s session, which saw an exceptional decision by the Russian Central Bank to cut interest rates by 3% to 11%, after they raised it to 20% in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and then began a gradual 3% rate cut in 3 meetings. The … Read more

The performance of the US dollar is subject to negative economic data and the Fed’s optimism!

U.S. dollar The US dollar declined clearly and gave up its profits yesterday, Wednesday, in light of several negative developments that affected its performance, on top of which are weak economic data such as US economic growth data, which came negative during the first quarter of this year. The following are the most prominent influences … Read more

Urgent: The dollar suddenly bullied before the Fed’s speech… Gold, the ruble and the lira fell By

© Reuters. – The currency lord is back on top of the scene as investors await a release that may provide a clearer view of monetary policy. Once again, the currency master returned to the highest levels of the 102, after falling below it yesterday, Tuesday, to reach the levels of 102.45 points, an … Read more

Urgent: A large digital currency may lose 75% of its value .. a bubble

Cryptocurrency With the largest cryptocurrency still faltering near the $30,000 levels, after the big drop that wiped out all the cryptocurrency gains, its losses widened with the collapse of Tera Luna and stable Terra. It seems that a state of pessimism has begun to dominate senior analysts about the direction of bitcoin prices during the … Read more

Bitcoin and Ethereum, On the Rise: Will They Break 7 Straight Weeks of Fall? by

© Reuters – The new week in the sector is starting with a rise in both Ethereum and Ethereum in an environment of mixed movements for the rest of the sector. “Bitcoin was between $28,000 and $31,000 over the past week, but is now back to the $30,150 level it ended the previous week,” … Read more

Urgent: Cryptocurrency has collapsed to zero, jumping 110% now “Watch out” By

© Reuters. – The controversial currency took only a few minutes to make gains more than twice its value, after surging more than 110% in the last minutes of trading on Thursday. The Terra Luna coin rose during these moments by more than 110 percent, reaching levels of $0.0002156, compared to its lowest level … Read more